Is there a more important day than your wedding day to
have your makeup applied by a certified makeup artist?

Have you thought about getting your makeup
airbrushed on for that perfectly finished look?

What if the certified makeup artist came to you?

Airbrush Technology:
It is used in fashion shows, television, movies, on runways, etc.
It is highly used in HDTV, because HDTV shows every blemish and
imperfection of the face.  Airbrushing the makeup onto the skin
hides everything you don't want everyone else to see;
leaving a matte, yet fresh look.

Airbrush Foundation:
It is a concealer, foundation, and powder... all-in-one...
and water-proof... for a smudge-free stay, all day.
It is a micronized makeup formula, to match every skin tone,
that is transferred onto the face by compressed air.

Airbrush foundation lays down a perfect canvas, covering every
blemish and imperfection; then color to the eyes, cheeks,
and lips is applied, for a natural, classy, or dramatic look.

The client's skin is primed, airbrushed, colored, and
sealed, using only MAC professional products, which
keeps your look fresh and smudge-free throughout
your important day.


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